Frequently Asked Questions

Is getting a quote free?

Normally yes. Most contractors provide free quotes. Some contractors may charge a fee for an on-site consultation.

How long does cabinet painting take?

Most jobs take one to two weeks but this depends on the specific contractor’s process and manpower. Some contractors are able to finish jobs in 2-3 days.

Is cabinet painting different than regular house painting?

Yes. The types of paint and the labor process is very different in cabinet painting compared to wall painting. Make sure to not hire a wall painter that is not suffiently experienced with painting cabinets.

Is cabinet painting a good idea?

Cabinet painting can make your cabinets look and feel new without the high cost of replacing your cabinets or buying new doors.

Is PaintMyCabinets.com a contractor?

No, we provide a database of recommended contractors (one per city). Our website is free to use. 

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